Ritical Writing (debating cultural idea)

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Your task now is to write a draft that reveals the significance of your investigative and interpretive work. Let your idea grow out of the resonant conversation you orchestrate between at least 3 essays (1.Ariaa Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood by Richard Rodriguez, 2.No name woman , 3.On seeing England for the first time by Jamaica Kincaid, 4.The World Game by David Elias)

The mind that weaves these essays and insights together is your own. Think hard about how you want to organize the body of your essay. You will probably want to begin with you topic/context and instigate the conversations around the a?perennial human problem(important!!!!),a? knowing that the conversation will, as good conversations do, eventually move beyond and around that problem.

The topic/context will ground your conversation in some cultural issue or problem.You canat keep your head in the clouds, in theory a make sure your reader understands where these matters matter, in the real world of tangible things. a?No ideas but in things.a?
Because you have so much evidence and so little space, you must use your sources wisely. Be sure youare effectively introducing and analyzing your quotations.