Ritical/Analytical Essay on Aristotles Politics

Page 1:
+ Read the selection from Politics by Arstotle in Introduction to Great Books, ISBN: 9780945159988, and complete a SOAPTone or IMPACT for the reading.
+ Write a Rhetorical Pricis in Graff Template format (complete both paragraphs for Politics.
The general argument made by author X in her/his work_____(title) is that _____. More specifically, X argues that _____. She/He writes,a?____. In this passage, X is suggesting that ____.
In my view, X is wrong/right, because____. More specifically, I believe that_____. For example, ____. Although X might object that ____, I maintain that___. Therefore, I conclude that____.

Page 2+3:
In a 2 pages essay, respond to the following prompt:
Explain how Aristotle archives his purpose in the excerpt from Politics
+ Identify Aristotles purpose and his point/thesis (from SOAPTone, IMPACT, and/or Thesis)
+ Examine/ describe Aristotles methods of showing and proving his thesis (structure of his writing, his claims and his evidence)
+ Determine and comment upon the effectiveness of his arguments.