Ritically access the advantages and disadvantages of international co-production in world cinema. Illustrate your answer with specific examples.

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Introduction to the Area of Study
This course examines a selection of films generally understood as examples of a?world cinemaa?. It analyses the critical and conceptual approaches which have come to define the academic study of national and international film cultures, specifically ideas of a?thirda? and a?third worlda? cinema, and theories of regional and transnational cultures of production and reception. Divided into three sections, the course will address a body of movies from Africa, Latin America and Asia that have been released over the last forty years according to three guiding themes: global(ised) economies, activism and populism. We will be investing these filmsa formal strategies and thematic concerns; their social and cultural specificity or a?universalisma? (alongside the politics of that distinction); their industrial and institutional contexts; and their national and international status (for example, in their home countries and in the festival circuit). How different forms of colonisation are absorbed and interrogated will be a question that threads through the entire course.

By the end of the course you will:
1) have been introduced to a range of significant films that have helped to define the category of a?world cinemaa?, or are in the process of transforming and extending this definition.
2) be able to adapt and handle theoretical tools in your own examinations of a?world cinemaa?.
3) be able to produced detailed case-study work in an area related to the course.
4) be able to demonstrate a critical self-awareness in viewing and thinking about a?world cinemaa?.
5) be able to critically assess contemporary trends in a?world cinemaa?.

This course is assessed by a 5-6,000 word EXAMINED essay SUBMITTED ONLINE

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