Ritically analyse a nursing management issue in realtion to your clinical experience

Nursing degree:
Critically analyse a nursing management issue in relation to your clinical experience. The issue could be in relation to the management of patient care or the management of nursing.

>I wrote a few months previously a management issue to do with nurses and lack of research based practice (theroy/practice gap) I will download this for you to look at but I do not think it fits the remit of the assignment, if it does then we can go with that assignment.If not I am open to suggestions of what to write, some in my class have wrote about: drug errors, infection control and handover etc.

With regards to this assignment it is degree level I would idealy like a first or 2:1.

I will need a small plan of what going to discuss in assignment in 1 weeks time (26th May) so I can pass it on to my tutor and she will then give me feed back (normally takes 3 days for tutor to give feedback) if I am on the right tracks. Then in about 4 weeks time (30th June) I will require a draft copy of the assignment, I will then pass that on to my tutor (take about 5-7 days for tutor to comment on this) who will write comments on for ammendments, I will send it back for you for ammendments and then then final copy will have to be in by (21st July)