Ritically analyse and assess the importance of managing change in the air transport industry

This involves producing a report as outlined in the a?Assignment taska section below. This should be word-processed. You are encouraged to consider the use of summary diagrams/charts and other illustrations if these would be helpful.

Su is employed on an Accelerated Graduate Management Development Programme. Although graduates on this programme change job roles at least once per year, they generally remain at Heathrow for the whole five-year programme. Su is currently based at Heathrow Airport but she will be required to take a role in Edinburgh for a period of eight months. Thereafter she will be given a post at back at Heathrow.
With reference to relevant literature and other sources, suggest the steps you would recommend in this change process, from the point where the decision is made to move Su, through to her successful resettlement back in a new role in Heathrow after working in Edinburgh. Justify each step, stating what it would involve and explaining how it would contribute to ensuring the best possible outcome for Su and for the company.
Your use of the literature and other sources will be assessed throughout the report. You should make sure that you acknowledge the sources of all material you use. These sources are likely to be selected from the general literature of management books and journals, aviation books and journals, and industry authorities and companies.

No collusion is permitted!!!