Ritically analyse Anselms Onthological argument for the existence of God, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Type in font size 12, double spaced and with 3cm margins on both sides of the page. Please include footer with my name , module number THE2001 and page number starting from 1. Include the word count at the bottom of the bibliography. You can go above the word count by 10%. Outcomes to be met are-Discuss the history of apologetics,critically evaluate its place in a post modern world, discuss the meaning, types,nature and importance of apologetics and evaluate the current major issues in apologetics. please I will appreciate critics of scholars and their views .

Referencing Requirements:
Mcgrath,A, 2002 Bridge building; effective christian apologetics, Leicester; inter-varsity press. geister, N.L. 1988. Christian Apologetics. Grand rapids; Baker Academic. Follis, B.A. 2006, thrush with love; The apologetics of Francis A Schaeffer,wheaton; crossway. Zacharius, R. and Geister, n (EDS)2003, who made God? and answers to 100 other tough questions of faith Grand Rapids;Zondevan. Holly bible.