Ritically analyse Anselms ontological argument for the existence of God, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

Font size 12, double spaced with 3cm margin on both side. include footer, page number and course number (THE 2001) word count at the bottom of bibliography. 10% allowance is acceptable.For the purpose of this essay I want to deal with Anselm ontological argument. I am required to use at least 3 other scholars for and against Anselms argument one of which should be Gaulino of Marmoutier and Anselms response to his critics. when concluding please state your own view that at best the argument shows that if God exist then his existence is necessary. Kindly please check against plagiarism and similarities and please reference all materials used. Please kindly spell check.

Referencing Requirements:
Books should be under books, journals and web sources all should be sub-headed and date accessed and time please. On the ontological argument, Stephen Grant. Richmond journal of philosophy 3 spring 2003. Logic of the ontological argument, Paul E.Oppenhermer and Edward N. Zalta. In defence of ontological argument for the existence of God, A bridge version, Avi Emmanuel.The apologetics of Francis A. Schiffer, Wheaton Crossway. Mcgrath, A.2002 Bridge building; effective Christian apologetics,Leister interversity press. Geisler, NL 1988.Christian apologetics, grand rapids. Baker. holy Bible, and any other sources appropriate to the topic.please can i have the writer of my order 1156954 to complete this job thanks.