Ritically analyse Beckas theory of Risk Society in relation to other contemporary theoretical approaches to societal risk.



Essay 2500 words

Weighting 50%

Critically analyse Beckas theory of Risk Society in relation to other contemporary theoretical approaches to societal risk.

Make reference to contemporary societal risks where appropriate.

Marking criteria overleaf.

Marking Criteria for the Essay


* draws on a wide range of academic and theoretical literature both including and in addition to lecture material * demonstrates critical thinking


* free from spelling & grammatical errors * in essay writing style * neat layout * consistent use of fonts throughout


* fully referenced in line with the Harvard style of referencing * references in alphabetical order

Further instructions overleaf.

You must submit the work following the guidelines below. Failure to do so will constitute a non-submission

1) The text must be word processed.

2) The font size must not be less than 12 points.

3) The line spacing must not be less than 1.5.

4) Pages must be numbered.

5) Use A4 paper a one side only

6) Use one staple in the top left corner to secure your work.

7) The front sheet must display:

i. The studentas name.

ii. The title of the studentas degree programme.

iii. The module title and code.

iv. The coursework title.

v. An accurate word count.

8) If using abbreviations please state the full name at the first entry e.g. Association of British Insurers (ABI) may thereafter be referred to as the ABI.

9) Do not write in the first person a adopt a passive third person style e.g. a?I found this a¦a¦a? would be unacceptable and should appear as a?It was found thata¦a¦a¦a?

10) The past tense should be used when reviewing or reporting published text.

11) Use Titles, headings and subheadings as appropriate.

12) Use the Harvard System of referencing a see the University Citation Guide if you are unsure.

13) The penalty for plagiarism will apply and is outlined in the Assessment Regulations for the University.

14) The work is to be submitted in person to the Programmes office, W116, by 12 noon on 10th August 2012. A copy must also be submitted via Turnitin.

15) Extensions will only be given for extenuating circumstances beyond the students control and must be agreed with Dawn Anderson ahead of the hand in date. Applications for an extension after this date will only be agreed in the most exceptional of circumstances.