Ritically analyse complex stakeholder relationships within the context of an international case study approach; london olympic 2012

critically analyse complex stakeholder relationships within the context of an international case study approach and evaluate and critically appraise issues within the context of international events management

The Millennium Dome as a government project has experienced a problematic gestation/incubation and subsequent delivery. Many reports have been complied to ascertain the true nature of the intrinsic issues born out of this project. This assignment requires you to deconstruct the historical life span of this project; this can
be achieved by critically evaluating accredited documents from government agencies or external agencies. The assignment also requires you to be analytical in substantiating your argument as to the inherent problems for delivering a successful government project. Once you have successfully accumulated this body of knowledge put forward recommendations with justification to ensure the operational, financial, project management, human resource aspects for 2012 London Olympic Games are secure.

Assessment Criteria:

Successful completion of this assignment requires competent treatment of core issues raised in the assignment task. This will recall for the application of learning skills ranging from identification of suitable case material and data to conducting a critical evaluation of strategies and responses used to manage operations when subjected to severe external pressures
Allocation of marks will be in accordance with the following scheme and the generic grading criteria listed in the postgraduate student handbook
a? Application of the specific academic theory and critical and
evaluation of case specific material
a? Use of published material indicating literature awareness
a? Quality of critical analysis, evaluation, connections [compare and contrast;
reasoning and justification] and logical presentation of the argument(s)
a? Use of grammatical English, citations (Harvard style), references and bibliography