Ritically analyse how Fight Club might be considered postmodern.

Advanced understanding of relevant postmodern theory with applications exceeding expectation for undergraduate work.

Referencing Requirements:
In this essay I will consider how fight club is postmodern its attitude to consumer culture and its impact on masculinity
Into-100 words; 300 (the films anti cultural attitude;e.g. Ikea) ;300 (masculinity crisis -Tyler Derden opposite to the narrator); 300 (fight club. violent masculinity) ;conclusion 100. (This film explores the anxiety of what happens to masculinity in postmodern culture.)

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2. The Trouble with Men: Masculinities in European and Hollywood Cinema; Phil Powrie, Ann Davies, Bruce Babington (Wallflower Press, 2004)
3. Postmodern Hollywood: Whats New in Film and why it Makes Us Feel So Strange; M. Keith Booker (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007)

Advised books for topic of consumerism :
1.JAMESON, F., 1988. Postmodernism and consumer society. In: E. A. KAPLAN, ed. Postmodernism and its discontents : theories, practices. London: Verso, pp.13-29
2. FEATHERSTONE, M., 2007. Consumer culture and postmodernism. 2nd ed. London: SAGE
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