Ritically analyse methods which might be used to overcome prejudice.

Essay Title: Critically analyse methods which might be used to overcome prejudice.

Please refer to the powerpoint for guidance/lecture notes.

You should demonstrate that there has been a lively dialogue between:

1. Your own original, perceptive ideas

2. the academic debates

...and that your essay is a synthesis of these two things

This is why you must use the academic conventions of bibliography and footnotes.

i  Identify key words
A¬ Discuss
A¬ Distinguish
A¬ Evaluate/Assess
A¬ Examine/explore
A¬ To what extent
i  Always critically analyse even if this is not specifically mentioned in the question

i  Does not just repeat the title
i  Identify aim of essay
i  Explain how brief will be met
i  Significance of topic
i  Main arguments
i  Concepts and terminology
i  Signpost readers
i  Engaging and well written

i  Paragraphs
i  Discusses points raised in introduction
i  Structure
A¬ Sentence
o Paragraph 1
a? one idea/theory/perspective
a? Introduce next paragraph
o Paragraph 2
a? Link from previous paragraph
a? one idea/theory/perspective
a? Introduce next paragraph
o Etc..
i  Subheadings
i  Title is like backbone that links all together

a? Summarise main points
a? Give answer to question
a? Findings from discussion
a? Position in the argument
a? Limitations
a? Link back to introduction
A¬ Introduces no new material
i  Be clear so reader in no doubt you have done what essay question asked you to do

In the final paragraph, you can summarise what you have said in the essay, perhaps in a few sentences. You might then look beyond the question at what your argument entails for the future of the discipline in general, but which you have been unable to cover

i?? You should reference to:
i?? acknowledge the work of others
i?? show academic scholarship and wider reading than just the set texts
i?? enable others to follow up on your proposed ideas
i?? avoid plagiarism
i?? Use only appropriate sources, written in an accurate and clear way
i?? Books, journals, scholarly articles

For a general Introduction to the topic:
Hogg and Vaughn: Chapter 10

Further reading:

Brewer M.B. Intergroup Relations, 2003, OUP.

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