Ritically Analyse Police Attitudes Towrds Racism in UK.

Firstly I would like a UK writer to carry out a 8000 word dissertation for me on police attitudes towards racism in UK looking also at the Stephen Lawrence Case report by MacPherson in times new roman font, size 12 and 1.5 line spacing. I want the dissertation to start off with an abstract and secondly an Introduction and also literature review. All the work is secondary research and no primary research needs to be carried out because I am not doing interviews. I want four chapters and on each chapter I would like an opening to it as to what will be discussed in the chapter.
I will now state what I want discussing in my first three chapters (the numbers are just separating my points and does not mean each chapter) 1.brief history on race relations, 2.emplyment, housing and the police, 3.crime and control in Britain, 4.New labour & new Criminology, 5.Fear of Crime, 6.trends in recorded time in contemporary Britain, 7.the limitations of crime statistics, 8.police massaging on crime trends, 9.recent British crime trends, 10.the mystery of disappearing crimes, 11.who commits crime and 12.explaining crime trends. All this information can be divided into three chapters for e.g. Chapter 1 and than 1.1 race relations as a sub heading and so on. The sub heading can be changed from the above as they are only the areas I want discussing in the first three chapters.
The fourth chapter I want it all based on the Death of Stephen Lawrence. Firstly how he died, than McPherson s finding and conclusion, 3.implementaions of his report, 4.police response to MacPherson report, 5.Recruitment and police training after MacPherson report, and also the race relation s amendment act after MacPherson. After the four chapters the conclusion can be completed on the dissertation.
I would like Quotes in my work to back up an argument or support any information where needed and statistics.
I will also attach a Bibliography after with some of the books I would like my writer to use as well as other source, e.g. journals, newspapers and etc. I will leave it at this for now and later contact my writer on any further issues, which I may have.
Also I have had some work done before my writer#1285 and would like my dissertation done on a similar standard to his or better.
Please could I have a contents page as well and please can my writer send me any work he has done on request just so I can check it is coming along ok.