Ritically analyse the approach to Knowledge Management at Tata Steel.

Answer one question. Your answer should be c.2000 words in length, carefully proof-read for
grammatical mistakes, and fully referenced. The question should be answered in the context of the
Case Study and should make explicit and relevant reference to it throughout. In constructing your
arguments, please make sure that that you consider each of the following areas which will be what
the markers use to guide the marking process:
1. Focus on the question set
2. Use appropriate material critically
3. Overall argument and conclusions

Focus on the question set
You need to answer the question that is set, not what you want the question to be, or what your
friend thinks that the question should be. A clear focus upon the question set will attract higher
marks, unclear, unfocussed or irrelevant answers will not.

Use appropriate material critically
The review of the evidence should be both critical in nature and not merely descriptive. You need to demonstrate engagement with appropriate academic literature and this will include theoretical
models and possible techniques. These should be treated in a critical fashion and you should look
for evidence of problems or issues that have emerged with applying these models in other contexts
to demonstrate wider reading and your ability to compare and contrast.

Overall argument and conclusions
The overall argument(s) will be assessed by looking at your use of logic, links between claims you make and the evidence that you present in your answer. Your work should be cohesive and well
signposted rather than a series of unrelated arguments. Conclusions should draw together from
themes that you developed within your answer and new work should not be introduced in the
conclusion itself.

Case Study: Knowledge Mangement Tata Steel
structure ex: Im going to critically analyse and apply theories”
Conclusion explains why this particular theory is good or bad

For Referencing, Please cite references using this format (Author, Year) ex: (Smith,2014) or (Brown, 2010:33). PLEASE USE ACADEMIC JOURNALS AS REFERENCES MORE THAN BOOKS. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

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Please use as much information as you can from this presentation. You can use the models used in this presentation (Nonaka/Takeuchi Knowledge Spiral & Bukowitz & Williams ). You can also use the advantages and disadvantages of KM to support arguments. The success and failure of KM is useful as well as the references in the end. It would preferable if you use them and similar journals too.