Ritically analyse the challenges faced when developing and inplementing an information system.

1) 3000 words (not including bibliography, no more than 3000, if over 3000, I will lose mark).
2) 1.5 space, size 12, page number, Arial
3) The assignment should include:
Definition of Information system (IS)
Current situation of IS implementation
Objective of this assignment
The factors which influent the implementation of IS
Analysis of the challenges faced when development and implementing IS
Why is IS implementation important?
Why does it often fail?
Why do organisations need to develop IS?
What do the important academic studies tell us about IS implementation?
Use examples from the case studies (e.g. SMS for life)
Use examples from the media -take a look at financial times, BBC, etc.
Expect the above points, you can add something that you think should be written into the assignment.

4) For the reference(sources), please use academic articles, book, report etc. as much as possible. My tutor ask us to do academic research, not use too much google. maybe you can find some information from AimTechLeeds.