Ritically analyse the comments of the following quote and in doing so demonstrate the following:

Quote: Child abuse is a term which has occasioned considerable debate at a range of levels, particularly since the 1970s. Definitional questions have been very important as they have keyed into fundamental questions about causation, which link to wider debates about child welfare, the role of state and the rights and responsibilities of parents and children

(Fawcett, Featherstone and Goddard, 2004:51)

Critically analyse the comments of following quote and in doing so demonstrate the following:

* the difference in meaning between causation and the construction of child abuse.

(main reference is Cawson (2002)Child maltreatment in the family: the experience of a national sample of young people. London: NSPCC.) as it looks at the difference between causes and construction

* the definitional complexity of child abuse. ( definition will include what you will do, what you wont do and how many resources)

* the previous and current law and policy responses to the problem and the discourses that underpin.

Essay must be 3rd yr degree level
All English grammar and spelling
Harvard referencing style must be used

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Harvard referencing style

Books: (3 stars mean they are essential to the essay)

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