Ritically analyse the effects of exercise on the requirements for fluid in order to generate optimum performance in a strength/power-based sport.

The main sections of the assignment should be as follows:

Introduction (20%)

* Briefly describe the role that fluids play with in the body.

* Give a basic outline as to the physical requirements of rugby

* You must reference original journal articles

Discussion (40%)

* Describe what the fluid requirements are for rugby

* Discuss the reasons why hydration is important in rugby

* Critically evaluate the literature about hydration strategies for rugby. * A good starting point, although not exclusive would be ACSM. (2007). Exercise and Fluid Replacement. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 39, pp 377-390.

Conclusion (30%)

* Based on your analysis of the literature provide a hydration strategy for rugby

Referencing Requirements:
in text refrences