Ritically analyse the impacts that mega events have on a tourism destination

You may want to consider:

” Using any example of a mega event, e.g. the 2008 Beijing Olympics, or the 2012 London Olympics or Football World Cups etc.
” Different types of impacts, e.g. economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts, of mega events on a tourism destination.
” Discussing the strategies that government uses to enhance positive impacts and reduce negative impacts.

 Credit will be given according to how effectively you demonstrate your knowledge and how well you structure your arguments. Your own views on the question should be developed from the literature, and should be backed up with appropriate examples.

 The  You may want to consider section is designed to help you start thinking about your essay. It should not be used as a definitive check list or as a model structure for your essay.
 You should begin your literature search with the lecture notes. You are strongly urged to attend every lecture as all of the topics require information from the whole breadth of the course. You are expected to search beyond the reading list for further information in books, journals and on the internet (although the use of online encyclopaedias like Wikipedia is not encouraged.)

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