Ritically analyse the International Olympic Committee, politicaly and memebers corruptions

Learning outcomes of this module are:
1-discuss key features and issues in the international transmission, diffusion and transformation of sport
2-critically evaluate the contribution of theories of internationalisation and globalisation to the understanding of international sport
*3-analyse the inter-relationships between sport and international politics.
4-analyse the role of international media and other corporations in international sports development.
*5-critically evaluate the role of the international Olympic committee and international sports federations.
6-discuse the role of sports mega-events in the development of international sport
7-assess the role of sport in various international and cultural contexts and communicate the results of research and study effectively and professionally
please write about no. 3 and no. 5 of the lrarning outcomes above , mostly
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Jennings, A. (1996), The New Lords of the Rings, London, Simon and Schuster.

and 10 more sources possibly.