Ritically Analyse the sucess and limitations of Direct Payments in relation to the policy of Personalisation.

This is a social work degree paper.1. I need to demonstrate an accurate and critical understanding of current statute law social policy and financial processes. 2. Evidence my knowledge and understanding of financial processes in relation to key principles such as personalisation and empowerment for service users and carers. 3. Critically reflect on my own values and ethics in relation to decision-making processes.4. What are the implications for social work practice.Link to 1 social work key role which compliment direct payments. Look at direct payments in relation to current Budget cuts.what was the policy stating the aim of using direct payments in personalisation.And also look at Anti-Discrimnatory practice in relation to direct payments. I have to use direct quotes and also paraphases. I have to have 11-12 references including at least 2 journals. Some policies to be included:2006 White paper Our Health, Our Care, Our Say. 2005 Green paper Independence, Wellbeing and Choice. 2007 Concordat Putting people First. 2007 Independence Choice and Risk. 2010 A vision for adult social care.There is a learning matters book called Social work practice by Galpin, with stuff about direct payments which might be helpful. And any other current law to do with direct payments.