Ritically analyse the the Mosaic and new Covenants, showing their relationship to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Kindly kindly explain how major themes and doctrines of the christian faith are rooted nn the bible,discuss the biblical doctrines relating to the fall of mankind and Gods response to it,provide a critical outline of the various biblical covenants,discuss key reasons for he work of god in Jesus Christ relating to his incarnation, the cross and redemption.This are the information I would like to have reflected in the essay.Please have it typed font size 12, double spaced with 3cm margins on both right and left side of pages.Could I please have writer 108418 that did order 899123.

Referencing Requirements:
Kindly use journal, Scott,J.H (Ed) 2002. Biblical Theology, McGrath, A. 1994. Jesus Who He is and Why He matters, Elwell, W.A. 1996. Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Pate,M.C.2004. The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology,Collins,j j 2005 Encounters with Biblical Theology.Barr, j 1999.The concept of Biblical Theology.