Ritically analyse the UK governments strategy towards work training and skills in the light of the current economic downturn

Use information about the national approach to training and skills development in other countries to inform your discussion.

1.This is an individually-written, essay style, piece of work which assesses knowledge, understanding and intellectual skills in training and development at organisational, national and international levels.
2.You should use a variety of sources (textbooks, academic journals, policy documents, professional body and governmental websites) to research the question. You may not reference to generic websites or search engines
3.Your work should be fully referenced using the Harvard system of referencing. Poorly or non-referenced work will lose marks.

Materials used in class and expected to be used and referenced:
1.The CIPD Annual Learning and Talent Development Survey 2011
2.The UKCES UK Employer Skills Survey 2011
3.UKCES Ambition 2020 paper World class skills and jobs for the UK