Ritically analyse which has greater impact on an organisation moving from one country to another, cultural or non-cultural factors?

This is an International Marketing Assignment.

Examine in depth the nature of the organisational structure in, and the impact of the international environment on, business involved in international marketing.

Analyse in the depth the influence of the international environment on international marketing strategies.

Analyse in depth the effect of internationalisation on the implemenetaion of the marketing mix

You should consider only one origin and destination market, (for eg as US company moving to Indonesia or a French company moving to Brazil). You must refer to all four elements of the marketing mix, but do not have to give equal weighting to each.

Company examples. Ikea moving from the Sweden to the UK, or Disney moving from the US to France (Paris) or Coca moving to another country. Pick one and be specific.
Harvard Referencing. List of reference page needed at the end of the piece of work.