Ritically analyses the role of Operations Manager in Our Business Plan

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Assessment Type: Individual Essay
Word Count: 5,000 A A± 10%

Ensure the essay is aligned to (L-W-F gym) Business Plan

My role is Operations Manager. You are required to write an essay that critically analyses the decisions and actions you have taken in your role on in the LAB project team and the impact they had on the wider business plan and the considerations, actions and decisions of your team mates.

You should show how you used academic theory, concepts and models to inform those decisions and actions and be critical as to their strengths, weaknesses, utility and effectiveness in the context of a real business i.e. the LAB project. It is important to show how data and information from non-academic sources were used and integrated with this process and highlight and discuss any particular problems you may have encountered.

Select the key theories, concepts and models which could be used for analysis or understanding the Business Plan. Critically review them and show how they could support our L-W-F gym business plan, or explain why they are not appropriate.

The essay should follow the standard format:
A?a ¬A? Introduction
A?a ¬A? Body
A?a ¬A? Conclusion

Your attention is drawn to the need to acknowledge all sources of information by clearly referencing all material using the Harvard Convention.
I would expect to see 25 high quality academic references in an essay of this length. Each reference you provide should be cited at least once in the body of the essay.References should be less than 3 years old.

Operations Manager
Delivering the goods and services to the customer, activities include:

Production planning
Supply chain management
Customer service and support
Management information and reporting systems
Contingency planning