Ritically Analysis the documentary The Inside Job”

General Issues to note
Who paid for (sponsored) or produced it?a?–significance of this?a?Was it Informationalor Promotional”?a? Who paid for it or produced it. Was there a motive?Did it have a stated thesis (purpose) or did you need to infer that?a?Who (and what kind of) was the primary audience it aimed at?a?What type of approach (i.e. archival footage, interviews, film, printed materials, etc.) was used in it? Did it contain any Fictionor Dramamixed in with the information?

Specific Issues
What is the relevance of it to specific areas/topics of our course?a?Did it critically view the subject…or was it largely descriptive without analysis?a?Was it ideological/paradigmatic? If so, what paradigms/ideology did you notice?a?Which specific concepts or ideas are pertinent in understanding the documentary?a?What Level of analysis(micro/meso/macro) was primarily used (or did it include more than one)?a?Are any of the Perspectives evident?a?Did any certain issues or topics emerge as the strongest…weakest?

Overview Issues
Was there anything Left unsaidwhich you feel would have improved the presentation?a?–i.e. was there anything you would have liked to see included which wasnt?a?As a viewer, were there any Unintentionalresults of your viewing it?a?What are some reasons you would and wouldnt suggest others to view this documentary?a?How might the documentary impact others different from you (i.e. gender, ethnicity, cultural, etc.)?a?What did you learn and/or how did it enhance your understanding (personally and sociologically)?
Short Summary of Overall Review
Highlight main points of Review.a? Did you learn anything from your Review itself?