Ritically analyze laws of comparative advantage(david ricardo)

1) no plagiarism please
2) introduction with brief explanation about the structure of the essay, main points and then headings and conclusion.
3) critically analize david ricardos laws on comparative advantage and just briefly explain about other theories on comparative advantage about 10 percent of the essay.
3) sources and references academic text books and journals
4) footnotes at least 15 refer in the text and footnotes on the bottom of each page: author, title, year, page, publisher; if journal the same: name, year, page, internet website
5) graphs, diagrams essential at least few with explanation below, if any equasions with explanation but do not use to complicated equasions
6) references at the end of the essay at least 10
7) please use language appropriate for an academic essay for university undergraduate level not pchd but also not high school.