Ritically analyze the major HRM systems of HP

Please see the following for the question. The question said choose the organization that you know well, you may choose some big company, not necessary use HP but at least same level with HP.


With reference to an organization that you know well:

(a) Critically analyze its major HRM systems (e.g., recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, compensation and training);

(b) Discuss the extent to which each of the HRM systems you have reviewed help or hinder the organization s performance.

How to tackle the assignment:

The set text and study guides provide a lot of good general information on HRM and should be read before attempting this question. However, they do not contain a blueprint which can be copied in answer to this assignment question, which has been deliberately constructed to encourage you to apply general principles to your own organization. The following sections might be included: (a) an introduction containing an argument which addresses the question set; (b) a brief overview of the organization; (c) a description of the organization s (i) recruitment and selection, (ii) performance appraisal, (iii) compensation, and (iv) training systems; (d) a short consideration of performance in general terms and as it applies to your organization; (e) an evaluation of the extent to which the HRM systems are consonant (supportive/un-supportive) of the organization s performance; (f) some conclusions which advance your argument, possibly by contrasting your organization with others or pointing to likely changes in the future; (f) references, which are highly recommended.

A good answer to both assignment questions will be at least 2000 words in length and not longer than 2200 words. I strongly recommend that the essays are typed or printed rather than hand written, and decently presented. Ideally your essays should contain bibliographies which include readings other than the set texts and study guides. While not specifically required some students find it useful to structure their essays into sub-titled sub-sections, and this is perfectly acceptable. Other students find it helps them to focus on the question set by providing a brief abstract (or executive summary) and/or a table of contents. In the highly competitive world of the distance learning MBA good quality, relevant diagrams may also help to differentiate and distinguish your essay.