Ritically appraisal and review the provision of pharmacy services in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

Critically appraisal and review the provision of pharmacy services in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

1History behind CLINICAL pharmacy in UK.
2Describe background of Luton population area and Luton & Dunstable Hospital
(Demographics: age, race, languages, social-economic background) and what are the barriers that may it cause.
3Hospital location.
4All Pharmaceutical Services in L&D Hospital
Aim of essay:
Describe and CRITICALLY evaluate the provision of pharmacy services in Luton and Dunstable university hospital (include clinical review and discharge planning) & COMPARE this to services provided in Saudi Arabiaas Hospitals pharmacies.
Main body:
Should include the following POINTS:
1- Different specialistas pharmacists (Education, Drug information, Production, Clinical pharmacists (various group), Clinics (cardiac clinic, warfarina¦), Independent prescribers, Medicines cost (responsible for high cost medicines like Immunoglobulin), Antibiotics pharmacist, MMT (Medicines Management Technicians) who responsible for taking drug history. Preparing, dispensing, counsellinga¦
**What is service provided?
**What is the importance?
**What is the guidance?
(Link to evidence)

2- Taking drug history and medicines reconciliation:
**TTA (to take away): Advanced services, clinical screening by clinical pharmacists.
**Clinical screening & Double-checking.
**NOMADs Prescribing.
3- Drug Monitoring.
4- Patient safety: Reporting system for patient safety.
5- Medicines Information Centers: Resource center for information regarding medicines.
6- Pharmacistsa involvement at wards level.
**Interaction with patients & other healthcare professionals
**Intervention at ward level.
What are the barriers to do all services in Saudi Arabia?
a? The scope of pharmacy services in hospitals in the UKa¦
a? The room for improvement in Saudi Arabia hospitala¦a¦a¦a¦(Clinical Pharmacy)
a? The room for improvement in Luton and Dunstable pharmacy departmenta¦
a? Improvement to my practice includea¦a¦a¦a¦a¦..

References can be used in transition between first and second care:

1) NICE used in:
*Drug history
* Medicines adherence & reconciliation
*Consultationas skills (CPPE)

2) DOH --* Prescribing standards

3) M.I --*Standards for Medication Information (Quality Control)

4) Francis Report / mid Staffordshire hospital report
(Errors/ learning from errors / fair blame culture)

5) RPS a -* Medicines & Optimizations

6) Influencing Pharmacy Services: use the following references:
A. CQC -* Quality Commission
B. QUIPP--* Expenditure drugs
C. GPHC* Standards for Pharmacy Services
D. NPSA * Patient Safety

7) Any National OR Local Guidelines should be used in any services provided in the hospital (e.g. Hospital guidelines, NHS a¦)

In addition, you can add any other references if you think it may be useful.