Ritically appraise a piece of paper regarding ethics

Critically appraise a piece of paper (from a journal)

1. The paper is available as a pdf file, and I will be uploading it.
2. You can use the criteria below to help you critique these pieces of writing.

Checklist to analyse a piece of writing:

Critical questions:
1. What is the main line of reasoning?
2. Is the line of reasoning clear in both the introduction and conclusion?
3. What is the key evidence used to support the line of argument?
4. Is the evidence presented in a way that develops the argument and leads logically/clearly to the conclusion?
5. When was the evidence produced? Is it up to date/still relevant?
6. Is there sufficient evidence to prove the case? What might be missing?
7. What if anything would have been a better order in which to present the evidence to strengthen the case?
8. Are there any examples of flawed reasoning? Attempts to persuade the reader through appealing to emotions? Is evidence interpreted correctly?
9. Has the writer given sufficient consideration to alternative points of view? Give examples?

Important note to students:

-The questions above are to be used as a guide only. This to help guide your thinking, any students who attempts to a?answera? the above points in an a?question + answera? type format will lose marks for not following the assignment structure.

*P.S. The university requested that all the references should be written in Vancouver style”