Ritically appraise a qualitative and quantitative research approaches to address a nursing related clincal research question

Use the template provided in the assignment
document i attached to answer this questions. Also i will attach the two research papers for you to use to make a question and answer the relavant questions below.
1. Create a research question that addresses a clinical question
related to your field of practice
2. Use a literature search to identify two pieces of primary clinical
research that addresses your question. One should be
qualitative and one should be quantitative.
3. In list format complete the grid to provide information on
The research design
Recruitment and sampling strategy
Data collection
Data analysis
Try to keep this section to less than 250 words (25 marks)
4. Of the two papers that you have chosen select one that you
consider would best help you to answer your research
question. Critically discuss why you think the design and
methods used in this one paper are most appropriate to
answering your research question. To do this you will need to
refer to your grid with reference to the strengths and
weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative approaches
If you follow this guidance you will have written a research question,
performed an effective search, demonstrated understanding of
qualitative and quantitative approaches, demonstrated knowledge of
research methods and of your ability to critically appraise research.

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It is a 1000words assignment 250words for the template and 750words to critically appraise the qualitative article. ,set a research question on nurses understanding of their roles in the prevention and management of pressure ulcers by using those two articles above to come up with a good research topic body should in an appraisal for the qualitative article and conclusion. Fill the templet i sent and attached it to the rest of the assign. Follow every instruction on that template. For sources use articles, journals , books such as Nursing research(Appraising Evidence for nursing practice, 2010 by Polit,D,F, and Beck,C,T . Also this book Research Methods for nursing and healthcare,2010 BY John Maltby et al. (etc. Understand the requirements of the question so that there would be identification and discussion of data analysis and the work should have focus and logical flow. supporting material for the essay should be applied appropriately and be able to tackle solutions to potential problem areas. Please offer very relevant application, critique, use of research material and examples to support tis work. For the conclusion, Identified enough integration of the material highlighted in the essay. Lastly, please particular attention to the Harvard Style of referencing and avoid plagiarism .

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Also use a critical appraisal tool such as CASP tool

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Please use this new article to clinical address the quantitative research.Wendy Chaboyer and Brigid M. Gillespie for qualitative and Merten et al for quantitative .