Ritically appraise De Bondtas & W.F.Mas article a?Betting on trends: Intuitive forecasts of financial risk and returna?.

Assignment instructions:
Critically appraise the following article:
De Bondt W.F.M. 1993 a?Betting on trends: Intuitive forecasts of financial risk and returna?, International Journal of Forecasting 9, 355a 371.

Critical appraisal is a systematic process used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a research article in order to assess the usefulness and validity of research findings. The most important components of a critical appraisal are an evaluation of the appropriateness of the study design for the research question and a careful assessment of the key methodological features of this design. Other factors that also should be considered include the suitability of the statistical methods used and their subsequent interpretation, potential conflicts of interest and the relevance of the research to ones own practice.

So, produce a FOUR PAGE summary/critique of De Bondt & W.F.Mas manuscript. Split the assignment into five subheadings:
1) Introduction & summary of the named article (i.e. article overview)
2) Critique
3) Real world implications of findings (in terms of the financial world)
4) Future research
5) Conclusion