Ritically appraise how organisations strive to build a happy workforce.

Assessment 1
BAM3005 a Investigative Study

Assignment Number and Type: 1. Investigative Study (90%)

Assignment Title: See Below

Assignment Length: 4500-5000 words

Learning Outcome:
LO1: Be able to undertake independent research into an identified related topic
LO2: Be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of academic literature relating to the topic selected
LO3: Be able to critically appraise research methodologies
LO4: Be able to demonstrate skills of analysis, synthesis, evaluation and critical thinking
LO5: Be able to communicate complex ideas by means of a report
LO6: Understand and reflect upon your own skills and abilities as a researcher carrying out an academic piece of work, monitor and review your own progress and reflect on your own learning
LO8: Demonstrate academic integrity

Assignment Brief:
Critically Appraise How Organisations Strive To Build A Happy Workforce.

Please note Students are expected to justify their answers using case study evidence from relevant journal articles.

N.B. Please refer to the module guide for detailed guidelines regarding what is required in an investigative study.

Secondary Research Level HE6 It is expected that a reference list will contain between fifteen and twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the reference list should include three refereed academic journals, three professional journals and three academic books.