Ritically appraise the impact of the development of tourism, over a period of time, on the visual culture of a destination of your choice.

This should explain how visitors and locals in the past and now perceive the destination. You should make particular reference to the influence of tourism and its visual culture on both the local community and tourism sector. i suggest as destination Cannes (France).

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Choose your destination carefully. Long established destinations will have more data available and will have had more time to reflect on and be influenced by images formed for and by tourism. Many European and North American destinations had established resorts in the 19th or early 20th Century and have thus had over 100 years of influence on cultures, often well documented. Clearly the older tourist resorts and cities from these locations provide an advantage in availability of written records.

The essay should be based on secondary research, should include appropriate figures and references to relevant official Documents and texts as well as draw on relevant theories and cpncepts.

Excellent Essays will:
i?? address all the aspects of the essay question in depth;
i?? demonstrate a systematic approach in the management of the information supported by a logical progression of ideas;
i?? be clearly underpinned with appropriate theory and examples;
i?? use a wide range of sources, all of which will be professionally cited with the Harvard referencing style;
i?? combine critical appraisal with practical information;
i?? include insightful conclusions based on well supported discussion in the main body;
i?? be presented to a very high, professional standard.