Ritically assess government policy on a?bridging the digital dividea in a country (for example, UK) or area (for example, EU) of your choice.

1) I would like my essay to be based on the policies introduced in the UK or any developed country within the EU. This will enable the essay to be more precise with statistics to support each point, and narrow down the policies pertaining to the specific country.

2) The essay should be structured in the following way ie.

Introduction: Background on the digital divide problem in the country

a) Details of the Digital-divide (briefly): Causes, the current scenario, and Implications ( with statistics and examples)
b) Government Policies introduced to tackle the problem
c) Progress as a positive outcome of policies (to provide counter argument)
d) Criticisms of policies and their limitations (supporting statistics included)

a) The way forward
b) What can be done to enhance policies to close the digital divide
c) Is the Digital Divide converging or diverging

Harvard style referencing: including footnotes.