Ritically assess how far the concept of a singleMiddle classhas been replaced by a much broader group of the Middle classesin modern Britian.

This is a sociology essay, which want to critically assess the middle class on ocupation. there shoud including different sociologists opinions. Word limit: 1600+/-5%; There are NO bullet points in essay; the essay should have an introductory paragraph which introduces the topic; The essay is expected to conclude every essay with both a reference list and a bibliography. Much of the information will be the same on each list, but the bibliography also includes sources you have used in your research, but have not directly referred to in the text of the essay, Gather information-4or5sources(REFERENCES and for Constucting a BIBLIOGRAPHY); Steps Involved in Referencing Bibliographical detailsrefers to: author/editor, year of publication, title, edition, publisher and place of publication. Electronic information it refers to: author/editor, year of publication, article title, journal title, the type of medium (e.g…CD-ROM, Online, etc.) Full address URL, Date you accessed the information. Every reference has two parts: a) Insert the reference at appropriate place within the text of the essa. b) Include within a reference list at the end of the essay. Cite references within the text of an essay: e.g. (Sloman 2004, p.56) Do NOT include first names, initials, book title etc. The Reference List can be arranged alphabetically by author surname. Alternatively, items can be listed in the order referred to in the text. Examples: Book with a single author: Anderton, A.; 1990, Economics (2nd Edition), Causeway Press Ltd, Ormskirk,; Book with 2 authors: Johnson, G. & Scholes K. 1993, Exploring Corporate Strategy(3rd Edition) Prenitice Hall International(UK), Hemel Hempstead.