Ritically assess some of the ways in which Marxism offers useful conceptual tools for the understanding of post-Cold War international politics.

The essay should consist of an introduction ( approx. 350 words) which must include a thesis statement or argument of about 2-3 lines. This argument must consist of 3 points which will each be elaborated and explained in the body of the essay in one paragraph each. This must be followed by a conclusion( approx 350 words) which will also provide my own viewpoint.

Contextualization of the question
How you are going to tackle it
What are you going to argue
What are you going to look at and how:

MAIN BODY (3 x 800)

Recap: what has your essay achieved
Elaborate on significance and implications
No new insights!i??

There must not be any plagiarism and the essay must have in text referencing in Harvard style and also contain a bibliography in the end.

There must be essential points from the following sources, plus some other:

Burchill and Linklater, et al., Theories of International Relations, 5th edition, chapters 5 and 7.
R.W. Cox, Robert W., a?Social Forces, States and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theorya?, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, vol. 10, no. 2 (1981), 126-155.
Linklater, Critical Theory and World Politics: Citizenship, Sovereignty and Humanity, chapter 3 a?The achievements of Critical Theorya?.Mingst and Snyder (eds.) Essential Readings in World Politics, 4th edition, chapter 1 (Kant), chapter 3 (Doyle) and chapter 5 (Huntington).
K. Booth (1991) Security and Emancipation, Review of International Studies 17(4) pp.313-327.
Explain in your INTRODUCTION why you choose to concentrate on specific aspects or case studies
Provide a detailed ROADMAP to show already in the beginning how you are going to tackle the question

Also try to put in relevant case studies and examples and try to write in a manner such that the essay could be understood by someone not having knowledge of the topic.