Ritically assess the contribution made by education and schooling to the production of a?a good childhooda?.

Critically assess the contribution made by education and schooling to the production of a?a good childhooda?. Draw on historical and contemporary examples and research findings drawn from extensive reading to underline and support your arguments. Finally, consider the claims that childhood is dead or dying and reflect on what, if anything education and/or schooling might be able to do about this.

3,000 words overall.

Assessment criteria

A good assignment will:
a? Demonstrate an ability to think critically and be well-informed by a range or reading as well as your own experience;
a? Be clearly structured, and include signposts to make the structure clear to the reader;
a? Be written in clear grammatical comprehensible English;
a? Use a standard system of referring to reading and have a complete and accurate bibliography

Interrelationship between learning outcomes, core capabilities and assessment instruments

Learning Outcomes Capabilities Assessment
1 A2 Essay (100%)
2 A2 a?
3 A1, A2 a?
4 A3 a?

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Useful web addresses

Childrenas Rights Alliance for England: uk

Children and Young People Unit: uk

DOMUS Research Centre for Histories in Education, University of Birmingham:

The History of Education and Childhood: nl/ped/whp/histeduc/links06.html/
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