Ritically assess the contribution that Hofstede has made to our understanding of cross cultural management.

this is not really a instructure, but to give u an understanding of hofstede.

Hofstede (1967 1973)

4 dimension to theory

a? Power distance
a? Individualism v collectivism
a? Masculinity v feminity
a? Uncertainty avoidance


- Internal values (invisible)
- External values (visible + practice)

Criticism + assessment of Hofstede

- Feminism changed society out of date study a changes in countries
- Middle class sample a not representative
- Not valid in all cultures, supported by mintberg
- Largest single study in culture organisation across globe.
- Good research design + technique
- Good respond confirming hofstede
- Inconsistency a culture statistical
- Relevant a single company applicable to such a degree

Robinson karman a cultural dimension theory a 5/6 theories

Yo yeut han a east asian

Bond a hong kong + Taiwan

Uncertainty avoidance did not occurs + long term v short term

Trompenaars a compatible with Hofstde

- Family
- Effiel tower
- Guided missile

McSweeney a National

- IBM a 66 countries 1967 a 1973
- Definition of culture a mental programming
- National a to broad
- Statistical analysis a mean not representative
- Small sample in each country
- 66 countries data from only 40 used
- Same example from each country
- National culture a 1 country representative
- Organisational culture limiting factor.