Ritically assess the different approaches to evaluating urban regeneration partnerships

Issues to cover

A)  General context material on Partnerships: (2 or 3 paragraphs)

” Defining partnerships (keep brief)
” Key features of Public Sector Partnerships (what s different about them)
” Partnerships under New Labour (more of them  why?)
” Partnership proliferation  give examples of regeneration partnerships or partnerships involved in making a contribution to regeneration and renewal (if possible include North-East examples)

B) Why Evaluate Partnerships: (2 or 3 paragraphs)
(see or to say which one is most appropriate for what kind of use and why.

1. Neighbourhood Renewal Unit Performance Management Framework for Local Strategic Partnerships (particularly Section 2  Reviewing Partnership Working) aio/69719

3. SMARTER Partnerships  Making the Most of Partnership Working (Employers Organisation for Local Government). Available on /uk/downloaddoc.asp?id410

D) Using Case study material to illustrate approaches

” Select one case study example (health, employment, education  whatever) and show how the different approaches tell us different things
” Use different examples to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the different frameworks
” Illustrate that approaches can be best used for different aspects or stages of partnership working.

The key issue to cover is that there may not be one  right approach! Approaches vary in terms of their emphasis:

Do they cover  process or  impact (or both)
Are they an  interim or final evaluation
Are they formative or summative (internal benchmarking)
Are they  External or  Internal
Are they  Top-down or  Bottom-up
Do they focus on VfM
Do they apply to a particular type of partnership or sector

Useful sources for reference material.

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Partnership Working

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Harvard system, containing a full bibliography