Ritically assess the extent to which discrimination law at European and domestic level has improved the position of women in the workplace.

” Although it is an  essay-style task, please be sure to respond to the tasks, and not simply to write all that you know about a topic.

” In structuring your response, let the way that the task is expressed help you. For example, if you were asked to  Explain the extent to which the statutory provisions relating to  sexual orientation discrimination protect people from unfair treatment at work , you would need to:

o identify the relevant statutory provisions and the case law that narrowed or extended their scope
o analyse how the statutory provisions have been interpreted and how effective they are
o construct an argument and discuss it (take the position expressing your own views of whether the legislation provides an adequate protection or simply  institutionalises sexual orientation discrimination)
o draw conclusions suggesting for example some changes in legislation based on the previously identified lacunas