Ritically assess the foreign policy of Barack Obama.

Start off with discussing main points of Barack Obamaas foreign policy team, what are their personal interests? Are they looking out for themselves or helping him? E.g. Hilray Clinton who wished to be president herself.

Include speeches and articles, and also the a?promisesa he has made and how he plans to go about them and why the public prefers him to past presidents? The way he comes across makes a huge difference in how people view his foreign policy.

Information from his books, talk about the people he has chosen in his foreign policy and why? His lack of experience doesnat bother the public? His approach to dealing with other countries, and his focus on the people of America e.g. tackling medical care making it free to all whereas past presidents focus on issues on a greater level.

Discuss how he may deal with issues in the future? And what his foreign policy plans maybe, will they be successful? The advantages and disadvantages of his foreign policy. The way other members of the government feel about his foreign policy and the publics opinion too.