Ritically assess the fortunes of British neo-fascism between 1990 and 2005.

Dear writer,

This is a 5000 word assessed essay; the module this essay is written on is called  Politics in the UK . I have worked on the piece myself and have already written 4500 words. However, I am not very happy with the way I have written it. You will find my draft in the document called  ASSESSED ESSAY and the tutor s comments on this draft in the document called  The Comments . I have paid for 3000 words, FIRST CLASS (!!! -absolutely crucial, the piece must be brilliant) as most of the essay is already written. You will certainly have to cut some bits of it out and write what you are kindly asked to in  The Comments document. At the end the piece should be 5000 words long (this is excluding the footnotes and the bibliography).

Besides what you are asked to do in  The Comments document, I think you should balance out the three main parts of the essay as well. The first part concerned with the election results is approximately the size it should be. The second part, however, is a lot larger than the third one. Maybe, more should be written about the actual failures of British neo-fascists in Part 3? Please, let me know what you think and what you are going to do before changing the essay in order to get things done in the right way from the very first time. Also may I ask you to paraphrase the bits which you think sound odd or lack eloquence in some way. Of course, the introduction and the conclusion will have to be amended in some way as to encompass the extra material you will include. Please, read the attachment called  How to write a good essay ; it describes exactly the way this piece should be written, keep to that standard as much as possible throughout the essay.

I am almost certain that you will have to write less than 3000 words as the tutor s comments on my draft were not negative as such; the essay mainly lacks some additional material. Yet, the final version of this assessed essay has to get a first class mark. After the work is done, I will let the tutor read it through again and give his approximate grade and comments. The deadline for this essay is already very close; therefore, please, I ask you not to attempt the piece if you are uncertain whether you are able to produce a first class; this is not to waste the valuable time, yours and mine.

I will help you as much as I can as well as this mark is crucial for my degree. Please leave messages for me and I will come back to you as soon as I will be able to. If you need my mobile phone number, I can give it to you as well in order to save time and facilitate the process.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck with the work.
Please, continue to write the footnotes and the bibliography the same way I did throughout the essay. The draft is in the attachment called  ASSESSED ESSAY .