Ritically assess the implications of Social Contrant Theory (SCT) for relations between the individual and state.

a) the extent to which what you write is accurate;
b) the quality and depth of analysis, specifically related to criticisms of social contract theory;
c) the extent to which the work is coherently structured;
d) the accurate referencing of the texts and data sources used in your analysis;
e) the extent to which social contract theory and how it relates to the individual and the state is adequately discussed.

essay content and format:
1) the essay should include an introduction.
2) you should then move onto the main body of essay. some key issues you might want to consider include: a.what is social contrant theory? who are its key proponents? b. how does social contrant theory impact on relations between the individual and the state?
3) a conclusion to summarise the main points of what you have just written.
4) remember that you are being asked to critically analyse as well as to describe.

I) describe social contract theory and identify its key proponents(Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau).
II) discuss criticisms of social contract theory.

please, make sure that the essay would be written in the Microsoft Word.