Ritically assess the merits of the international intervention in Kosovo

Begin the essay by taking ideas from research, thus giving the reader an idea of the points you are going to utilize in support.(introduction) the introduction gives the reader the conclusions of your research. Present them with certainty so that the reader knows where you are taking them.

The paragraphs supporting the introduction
Each point you make in the essay needs support the argument set out in the introduction. You need to build each point around your own analysis of material. You can tell the reader what sources mean, but you can also be critical. Make certain that at the end of each point you show how it relates back to the introduction .

Concluding paragraph
This is the place to restate the argument. To show how all the paragraphs make your case. It is also your last opportunity to think critically, to show off your ability. What does your analysis say about broader themes or questions connected to the course or subject?

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