Ritically assess the positioning strategies of 4 countries as tourist destination

You need to do the following:
1. Choose one of the following types of countries:
a. Exotic
b. Mediterranean
c. Oriental
d. Caribbean
e. Latin American
f. Central European
g. African
2. Find 10 British, and ask them to name the countries that come to their minds when they are thinking about your chosen type of countries. Keep some demographic characteristics of these informants (gender, age, occupation).
3. Choose the 4 countries that have been mentioned the most from your informants. Visit the web sites of the tourism boards of these countries, and find the manner that they are positioned.

The structure of the assignment:
1. Executive summary summarises key issues raised in the report. A table of contents should follow the executive summary.
2. The selection of the countries should present the method used to select the 4 countries as countries that are characterised as the type you have chosen. A table with the countries suggested from the informants should also be included.
3. The positioning of these countries as presented in the tourism board web sites. The various dimensions of the positioning should include symbol, product/service and personality characteristics, as they are portrayed in the web sites. One section for each country summarising the key points for each one of them, should be included.
4. Comparison of the positioning of the selected countries. You should try to identify the points of parity and the points of difference in the positioning of these countries. You could use diagrams to illustrate your views on how these countries are positioned.
5. Provide some feedback to the national tourism boards of these countries on the positioning choices made. In this section you could discuss about issues in targeting specific groups, changes that could be beneficial for the countries and any other challenges related to the image that is developed during the contact with the web-site.

Important information:

There is no need to present plain theory in this report. It is aiming to assess how well you can apply the theory into this context. However, reference should be made to relevant concepts or frameworks and examples. All references should be cited and a bibliography detailing the source be positioned at the end of the report. Students should use relevant diagrams, models and figures throughout the report. The reports should be clearly divided to the pre-mentioned sections. The length of the reports should be no less than 2,500 words (excluding the executive summary, appendices, tables and references).