Ritically assess the relevance of inequality of bargaining power whithin the context of contractual bargaining in the music industry

” identify all relevant essential, and any novel, legal and non-legal issues
” conduct a thorough and planned library search
” locate relevant legal & non-legal sources
” record relevant principles of law an omprehend the question and the instructions
” identify and marshal the relevant facts
” identify the absence of relevant facts and indicate the significance of such absenced opinions with appropriate citations
” identify lacunae and contradictions in judicial and non-judicial opinion
” reach, and record, practical and theoretical analyses and solutions
” propose an appropriate synthesis and conclusion in respect of facts, issues, law and solutions
” reflect critically on the analyses, solutions, synthesis, and conclusions

Please include footnotes and use 12pt font (arial) and 2lines spacing.

Internet references should say what the title of the page or article is and who the author is. Also, it should give the date the piece was written if stated and the date the page was accessed. General references are pointless.
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search also on google,my athens,westlaw lexis nexis,factiva.
Please do not use any book that is difficult to be found in uk.