Ritically assess the significance of anti-racism on the development and provision of social care

Double spaced

Weighting 50% critical analysis 50% knowledge

Recommended books:-

Bulmer M. and Solomos J. (1999) Racism Oxford: Oxford University Press

Miles R. (1989) Racism London: Routledge

Miles R. (1993) Racism after Race Relations London: Routledge

Miles R. and Brown M. (2003) Racism London: Routledge

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Solomos J and Back L. (1996) Racism and Society Basingstoke: Macmillan

Werbner P. and Modood T (eds) (2000)Debating Cultural Hybridity London: Zed

Any other relevant books

Critical Social Policy

British Journal of Social Work

Ethnic and Racial Studies

Journal of Social Policy

Race and Class

Websites not too many