Ritically assess the sustainability policy of The Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015

You are required to critically assess the sustainability policy of an events business and offer suitable recommendations in line with your critical appraisal, and based on theories discussed in the class.

1. The chosen event : the nature of the business, their mission and values / justify the choice of the organisation.

2. Appraisal of Theories : What is the main theoretical grounding for your report. Justify the choice of theories and critically appraise them.

3. Synopsis of Sustainability policy of the organisation a and a thorough critique of the same based on theories included earlier

4. Recommendations, emerging from points 2 and 3.

a? All reports should be typed using 12p text, 1.5 line spacing and Arial/Times.
a? All reports should be spell checked.
a? All reports should follow the general structure of cover page, acknowledgements (if any), cover page, introduction, main body, analysis, conclusion/recommendations, although this can be named differently. Focus and structure should be given with effective use of headings and subheadings.
a? All sources must be referenced using the Harvard Referencing System.
a? A full reference list of all sources must be included at the end of the report.

Introduction 3-4 sentences about the event ONLY
why do you choose this event? Justify the event most importantly
Introduce the main theory (TBL theory) and why? Max. 300-400 words

Literature Chapter (Criticism toward the Triple Bottom Line)
-analyze and explain the theory and critique
not only TBL theory tell more about who reject the theories who critique the theories

Main body
Criticism toward The Sustainable Luxury Forum 2015 as sustainability policy
-based on the policy to critique
-bring out the gaps and weakness
use the TBL to critique the policy
Highlight the shortcoming and problems

-conclude all the findings and research
-re-mentioned the gaps in main body

offer the possible recommendation for the policy
pin points are fine with explaination


**If necessary, attach the policy in appendix