Ritically assess the value, to a shareholder, of the information in the Finacial Statement.

Take the most recent published annual Financial Statement for your organisation or an organisation you know well. Assume you are a shareholder in this organisation.
Critically assess the value, to a shareholder, of the information in the Statement. Identify what you see as the financial objective of the company and discuss how far that satisfies your personal objectives. By using appropriate ratios perform an analysis of the company and of its current share price. Pay particular attention to the companyas capital structure and to its chances of surviving the current recession. Conclude by deciding, with reasons, whether (assuming your personal resources permit) you should sell or hold your existing shares or you should buy more.
Report style with sections and both business and academic references.
On completion of the module students should be capable of:

a)understanding the financial objectives of a company.
b)describing, discussing and analysing the basis of the content of the financial statements of an organisation.
c)measuring the financial performance of the organisation.
d)understanding the methods of raising and deploying financial resources in times of uncertainty.

Try to link theory to practice and assess findings, both critically and practically.
please provide assessment of a real company PSC