Ritically compare and contrast the major cultural and institutional features and predominant HR policies and practices in: China and Pakistan

the paper subject is: International Human Resource Management.

Important all group members must be involved in the presentations and at the end of each group meeting the a?Group Presentation Loga (on Studynet) should be completed as this comprises part of the written report.
The Individual essay. This is a 2,500 word critical analysis of your topic based upon your group presentation. Your work should draw upon published literature, academically approved websites (e.g. government websites) and, where applicable, media sources (e.g. newspapers) and your own experiences. It must be fully referenced using the Harvard referencing system (see below) and include a full list of references at the end (this is excluded from your word count). Non-referenced or poorly referenced work will lose marks.
The essay should also include:
a? a a?Personal Reflectiona which is your own reflection on the process of working in a cross-cultural group; you might wish to discuss, for example: the strengths and weaknesses of cross-cultural groups; what you enjoyed or disliked about working in a cross-cultural group; how you managed the process; what you have learned from this. Your reflection should be written in the first person (use me / I) and should be no more than 500 words in total. This is part of your overall 2,500 word count.
a? a copy of the a?Group Presentation Loga (see below)