Ritically consider the impact of implementing the new statutory guidence for the new early years foundation stage 2012 across the early years sector.

Write a word essay a?Critically consider the impact of implementing the new statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2012) across the Early Years Sectora
Take into account the pro and cons of curriculum policy implementation. In this task you should provide examples of practice to illustrate your points together with references.
Embed reflective aspects from your experience as practitioner working in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Think about the following:
1. The key ways in which practice has been affected eg increasing places for 3 year olds and 2 year olds (depending on socio/economic area
2. Competencies and knowledge expected of professionals.

This essay must include
1. Critical analysis of provision with regard to meeting the individual development and learning needs of every child
2. Critical appreciation of the impact of transition upon young children

3. Critically evaluate policy, practice and legislation with regard to how this influences Early Years provision

4.Select and justify the use of assessment, recording and reporting methods employed across early years provision for fitness for purpose

Add References in such as Munro porogress report, developing early years childcare in England, educators in early years foundation stage, early intervention, practitioners are mainly woman in nursery settings, tickell review, talk about transition and development of the children pros and cons, quality in early years settings, evaluate why? working families and free childare now in 2014.

This essay must include a lot of references please.